Disclaimer: The information provided on this website is to inform and help new parents cope with the sudden, unexpected change in their life.  The
information contained on this site is not intended to replace information you have received from doctors or other health professionals.  Though there are
many facts on this website, there are also many opinions. We are not doctors, we are parents with  children diagnosed with Microcephaly.
How it Works…

Shining Stars was created to help families from all over the world attend our
biennial convention - "We Are Not Alone"!  Families who want to attend We Are
Not Alone - the 4th Microcephaly Convention ask friends, family members, co-
workers, local corporations, etc. for donations.  They can also hold fundraisers
(car washes, bake sales, cocktail parties, and yard sales)!  50% of the funds that
you raise will be applied toward you and your immediate family’s registration
fees and accommodations (airfare not included).  The other 50% goes towards
helping other families be able to attend, flying all the top physicians in and other
convention expenses.

You will keep track of your donations on a donation log, which will be provided
to you.  Send in donations as often as you’d like.  Please make checks or money
orders payable to FCM or Foundation for Children with Microcephaly.  Please do
not send cash in the mail!  We also accept credit card donations; inform your
sponsor to visit www.micro
cephaly.org/donations.html.  Remind your sponsor
to name your child (when making a credit card contribution) in the comments

Mail donations to: FCM
                                                              ATTN: Shining Stars
    21620 N. 26th Ave.
   Suite #140
  Phoenix, AZ 85027